Russell Westbrook’s 35 points Too Much For The Spurs In OKC’s Game Five Win

by Brandon

Going into the 2016 NBA Playoffs most assumed that the top seeded Golden State Warriors and second seeded San Antonio Spurs were headed for a collision course in the Western Conference Finals. And it was a plausible prediction as both teams dominated their competition throughout the regular season. But the post season is a totally different animal and is all about match-ups and adjustments. One team in particular who creates mismatches is the Oklahoma City Thunder as they have two of the top five players in the league on their roster – Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Which for an aging Spurs squad can be even more difficult, as it is no easy task following those two around the gym for 48 minutes. Especially when they take turns slicing up the opposing teams defense, if they both have it going you are pretty much at their mercy and are left with no choice but to prey that they begin to miss.

Last night’s game belonged to the heart and soul of the Thunder also known as Russell Westbrook as he single handedly took over the game down the stretch and lead his team to a crucial game five victory. Unleashing his dominance in the second half of play and leaving the Spurs hopelessly searching for answers defensively. If Russ can continue to play at this level heading into next game in might in fact be the Thunder who get set to battle the defending champions in the Western Conference Finals.

Take a look at the highlights from last night’s game five in the video below!

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