Ryan Terry’s 3 Favorite Ab Exercises For Building An Insane Midsection

by Brandon

Sculpting your midsection to your liking can be one of the most frustrating and difficult process but the end result is worth all of the agony. To be able to have a shredded core is a goal of almost every  committed lifter for various reasons. First of all we all rather have a fit stomach area than a Dad bod and secondly we all want to have that dreamy six pack we can show of all summer long while hanging out by the beach. But how to you actually go about obtaining this shredded core? One dude whose advice you want to take on this topic is British fitness model and IFBB pro Ryan Terry who is known for is insanely define midsection. While I can’t guarantee you will be able to have a core like Ryan’s. listening to what he has to say can definitely be a start. In the video below Ryan shares with us his 3 favorite Ab exercises that he uses to develop his core. Check them out, give them a try and listen to Ryan’s ab training philosophy!

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