Secret To Building A Big Chest: Go Heavy

by Brandon

Each and every guy on the face of this planet wants to get one particular muscle as big as possible and that is their chest. And there are various different philosophies on how to obtain a massive chest. Some individuals believe in emphasizing volume while others side more on the side of pushing some heavy weight. Both can provide great results but the key is in making sure you are performing consistent repetitions consisting off good form. It isn’t about throwing the weight up as fast as possible but rather assuring that you are getting a good amount of blood flowing into your chest.

21 year old French Muscle man Marvin Tilliere prefers to go heavy when training chest and that style of training has definitely payed off for him. Over the last five years Marvin has been able to develop a full and thick physique with its main point being his massive chest. And it was able to come to fruition through his hard work and extreme dedication to the gym. Showing that you can truly obtain any physique you want as long as you are willing to be the required time and work in. In the video below Marvin gives us a look into his chest training, explains why the gym changed his life and reveals his secret for building a a nice full chest!

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