See What This Son Did For His Overweight Father

by Adam Smith

Every now and then a video comes out of nowhere and hits you right in the feels. This is one of those vids. With such a large percentage of the population struggling with their weight, just about everyone can relate to having a friend or family member who seems like they’ve given up on being in shape. When you’re in the gym everyday trying to add more mass, it’s easy to forgot about how hard it is for people that are struggling to lose weight, especailly when they get into that work – sleep – work rut.

We might try offering them some diet tips or try to get them to come to the gym with us every now and then, and usually that’s about it. Matty Fusaro took his support for his father to a new level, and helped him ensure his golden years were just that. This is their story. Matty Fusaro’s dad worked hard his whole life to raise and take care of his family, and judging by this video he did a damn good job of it. At one point, Dino Fusaro was tipping the scales at over 300 pounds and that’s when he knew it was time to make a change.

With his son by his side, lunch time at work became gym time. The transformation began and there was no looking back. This video is an important reminder that it’s never too late to get absolutely jacked, and that anything’s possible when you have a strong will and the support from people in your life. If someone you know is going through a similar struggle, don’t write them off – show them this video instead. “Remember that guy that gave up? Me neither.”

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