Sergi Constance and Victor Martinez Tricep Workout

by Brandon

People generally associate getting bigger arms with only biceps and for that reason they probably won’t see the growth they’ve been looking for. While yes it is important to properly train your biceps, the tricep makes up 2/3’s of your arm. So why is it that most favor the bicep and neglect the tricep? No other reason than the fact that they have been misinformed. So if you want to increase your arm size start focusing on your triceps. In the video below IFBB Pro Victor Martinez teams up with fitness enthusiast Sergi Constance to bring us a killer twenty minute tricep workout. Taking us through multiple tricep exercises and breaking down the correct way to perform each. If professionals such as Victor attack triceps this hard then why don’t you? There’s a reason why is arms are probably 3x bigger than yours and it’s is hard work!

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