Shia LaBeouf Helps Mike Rashid Deadlift An Suv!

by Brandon

I’m sure you all have seen the video going around the web of Shia LaBeouf motivating to stop worrying about nonsense and chase after their dreams. By yelling at you to “Just Do It!” and while yes it can be motivating it is quite funny at the same time. Mike Rashid decided to take this video and add a touch of Alpha to it and it came out great. In the video below you see Shia shout at Mike to just do it as he attempts to deadlift a truck and I guess we can say it helped him get through it. While it might seem a little strange his message is right on point. Many of us stray away from doing certain things either because we fear failing or don’t have the confidence to chase the unknown but just do it! Because at the end of the day you’re the one who has to live with the regret if you don’t!

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