Should You Train Heavy Or Light For Muscle Growth?

by Brandon

A majority of guys get into the gym with one goal in mind – to get as big as possible but what is the most effective way to go about achieving those results? Many side with the notion that in order to get big you must lift extremely heavy. However that might not be the most efficient or correct way to go about it. Ric Drasin a good pal and former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger has a different mentality when it comes to lifting for muscle growth. Stating that when you are younger you want to ego lift and show off how strong you are but it isn’t necessary and over time you can wear out the cartilage in your joints. Going on to say that staying at a moderate weight and getting your reps in is more important as you look to sculpt your physique. Also advising lifters to take no more than about 45 seconds in between your sets so you can maintain the pump you’ve obtained. So drop the weight down slightly, focus on getting blood flowing into the targeted area, and limit your rest time. You might not agree with it but give it a try and see how your body reacts to it, if it worked for Ric and Arnold I think it just might be the right way to do things!

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