Shoulder And Arm Training With Marc Lobliner

by Brandon

Marc Lobliner is one massive, strong, and intense dude especially when you get him inside of the gym. He only knows one way and that is to give it all he’s got on every repetition. In the video below Marc brings us a routine to assist those looking to build some boulder shoulders with a little bit of arm work mixed in their too. Shoulder strength and development is essential for athletes and your average Joe. Shoulder strength is key in most sports because it provides players with the ability to play through contact. For those who just lift weights to stay in shape the last thing you want to have is no shoulder development. Especially if you have some nice sized arms, you’ll look extremely un-proportional. Build up your entire physique evenly rather than focusing on only the ‘show’ muscles. Quit ignoring your shoulders and get after them as Marc does below!

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