Simeon Panda & Bradley Martyn’s Hardcore Leg Day

by Brandon

We are approaching the middle of the week, which means a majority of us are in the process of becoming mentality prepared for the dreaded leg day. While some might already have embedded into their mind that they will indeed half ass their leg sessions, the truly committed and disciplined lifters understand there is no half assing a leg day. If anything leg days require more energy to be exerted than any other training day. And to be completely honest it can feel like flat out hell but the feeling you get at the end of it all is great. The feeling of knowing you could have tapped out but instead chose to gut it out is like no other and shows the type of character you are composed of. So don’t cheat your legs on this wonderful afternoon, get under that squat rack and murder them. If you are in need of some motivation check out the video below in which we see Bradley Martyn and Simeon Panda push through a hardcore leg day!

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