Simeon Panda: Top 5 Greens For Healthy Gains

by Brandon

I have come across many individuals who believe they have designed the perfect diet plan, taking note of every calorie and second that they should be eating – only to forget one important component of a healthy diet: fruits and vegetables. We have all heard of the different food groups, which include: grains, dairy, meat and alternatives, fruits, vegetables, fats and oils. With each one playing an integral role in how well your body functions and recovers after grueling training sessions. Completely eliminating any one of these groups from your diet is never a good idea, especially from a diet you expect to follow for an extended period of time. So despite of how much you might dislike the taste of greens that is no reason to remove them from your daily diet plan.

One man who fully understands the importance that greens play in allowing him to function at his very best is the massive Simeon Panda. And to help you comprehend their importance, Simeon put together a video breaking down his top five greens for healthy gains. Detailing each ones importance and elaborating on the ways in which he likes to incorporate these foods into his diet.

Check out Simeon Panda’s top five greens for healthy gains in the video below!

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