Smash Your Chest With This Dynamic Tension Exercise

by Brandon

After a killer weight-training chest session, taking part in a burnout exercise at the end of it all will exhaust any energy you felt you had left. And while you might be complaining and hating it while you’re going through it, you won’t have any negative feelings toward it after you see the incredible chest pump it provides you. While performing some body-weight push-ups at the end of a chest training session is a great idea, you can take that old-fashioned exercise and add some spice to it. And that would be by trying out some dynamic tension push-ups. Mac Robinson and Eric Janicki recently filmed themselves going through the brutal chest finisher to show us how it’s done. The great thing about this finisher is that everything is contracted and under tension throughout the entire repetition. It isn’t for the faint of heart but if you want to finish your chest day with a bang you definitely should begin incorporating this exercise into your routine!

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