So you think you can drive? Well, at least you’re probably better than these guys …

by Jim Singletary

That rush you get when you get behind the wheel and in the drivers seat of power on wheels cant be described. But do you have what it takes in your head ?

Since the first caveman discovered the first round thing that helped him go marginally faster than legs could carry him, mankind has been searching for newer and ever more promising ways to wreck things with vehicles.

We have come a long way in the past few decades as our technology for going fast has dramatically outpaced our comprehension of consequences.  But still we persevere.

Here’s to you auto enthusiasts with more horsepower than braincells for providing so much entertainment in the age of youtube.  Lets hope we dont see one of you on here next, getting laughed at by your peers for your horrible driving (and wrecking) .

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