SouthPaw – “Kings Never Die” Online Trailer

by Brandon

The Weinstein Company blessed us all today with the release of a new ‘Southpaw” trailer for the boxing drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Playing a championship boxer who must prove himself as a father and a fighter all over again after he loses custody of his daughter following a personal tragedy. Like all the other trailers and clips, we get a tease of what seems to be an excellent performance from Gyllenhaal. And it wasn’t an easy role to prepare for. He went through an intense 2 hours a day of training for seven days a week at Floyd Mayweather, Jr’s Atlanta training center. Putting in the time to play the role as authentically as possible and it definitely payed off because Jake is looking shredded in the trailer below. Take a look at the new trailer and make sure you check out “Southpaw” on July 24!

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