Star Your Week Off Right With A Challenging Leg Day

by Brandon

It is no secret how much many of us dislike leg day which is why so people tend to hold off on it until the end of the week. The problem that comes from that philosophy is that by weeks end you are generally less motivated to get under a squat rack because of how drained you are from your grueling work week. Which would most likely lead to you avoiding leg day and instead replacing it with an extra arm, chest, or back day. This is exactly why it might be a good idea to begin your training weeks with a leg day as appose to holding off on it.

After the weekend you will have the most amount of energy and motivation to get back in the gym and burn off all the calories you ate over the past two days. And what better way to begin your week than with a leg workout that will challenge you both physically as well as mentally. Going through a leg workout such as the one below will allow you to kick your week of with a boom and have you feeling ready for any other challenge the new week will throw your way. So stop postponing leg day and stat your week off right with the challenging leg workout in the video below!

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