Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Training And Explaining What It’s Like To Play In New York City

by Brandon

Being a professional athlete under the bright lights of New York City is unique from being a star in any other city around the world. The pressures that come with representing arguably the best city in the world aren’t for everybody. It takes not only an exceptional athlete but more importantly an individual who is as mentally tough as they come. The expectations as well as the criticism that comes from not meeting the fans expectations can be harsh at times if the athlete allows them to get inside of his head. And if that occurs his time in New York will surely take a turn for the worst. But then you have athletes like the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony who was born in Brooklyn and enjoys the challenge of bringing his home team back to the top. What allows Melo to continuously be so successful in the words greatest city is his unwavering mental fortitude. He understands the ups and downs that you encounter throughout a long NBA season but never allows them to deter or break his confidence. A lot of that has to with the amount of work he puts into his craft on a consistent basis and he is fully aware of the fact that consistently putting in the necessary hours is what will allow him to get to this ultimate goal. Bringing a championship to New York City. Check out the video below to get a look into Carmelo’s workout and into how he deals with playing in one of the world’s largest markets!

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