Steph Curry Goes Berserk In Practice And Hits 77 Straight Three Pointers!

by Brandon

Steph Curry is recognized as the best shooter on this planet without a doubt. However, this wasn’t a talent he was just blessed with, it took a ton of hours in the gym to become such a lethal shooter. And his ridiculous shooting regimen is what ensures he stays automatic. According to ESPN, on Tuesday Steph went around the perimeter taking 10 shots from various spots, totaling 100 shots attempted. Out of those 100 shots, he made a remarkable 94. Which means he shot a mind boggling 94% from NBA three point range and yes that was his shooting percentage not a test score. Not to mention that on his way toward making 94 threes, he poured in 77 of them consecutively. It can be hard to take that in and even harder to make sense of these numbers. Check out the video below and let us know your highest total of consecutive threes made!

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