Steph Curry Leads The Warriors To Their Record-Tying 72nd Win!

by Brandon

The Golden State Warriors came away victorious last night in a place they hadn’t won in nearly two decades. And are now just one victory away from topping Michael Jordan and the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls regular season record. Steph Curry made sure that his team would be in a position to break the record of 72 wins on Wednesday night by pouring in 37 points in a huge victory over the San Antonio Spurs. What made the victory so impressive is that the Warriors became the first team to win at the AT&T center over the past 49 games and captured their third victory against the Spurs this season. The team in which many believe will be their biggest obstacle to get to the NBA Finals for a second consecutive year. But judging off of how the series between these two well-oiled machines went in the regular season, it seems as if the Spurs have a lot of adjustments to make if they plan on challenging the Warriors in this years post-season. However, don’t count them out just yet as we are well aware of the brilliant schemes and game plans that the great Gregg Popovich is capable of devising. Hopefully we are awarded the privilege of seeing this fantastic match-up in this years Western Conference Finals, as it would be a treat for all fans of basketball.

Check out the highlights from the Warriors record-tying win in the video below!

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