Stephen Curry Drops 17 Points Faster Than You Brushed Your Teeth This Morning!

by Brandon

When you wake up in the morning, generally the first thing you do is head over to the bathroom and proceed to brush your teeth. Which will probably take you somewhere between two to three minutes which is exactly how long it took the NBA’s reigning MVP to drop a quick 17 points. But when you can shoot the ball as good as Steph, this feat doesn’t come as much of a challenge. Here are some facts to help put his incredible shooting ability into perspective. Curry made 286 three pointers last season. This season he has gotten off to a blazing start which has resulted in 102 three pointers made through the first 20 games, putting him on pace to knock down a total of 418 three pointers this season. That would add up to a grand total of 704 three’s made in the past two seasons, which would be 55 more than the great Larry Bird made throughout his entire thirteen-year NBA career. Yeah I know, it sounded crazy just typing those words but it goes to show that Steph is truly in a class of his own. While you wait for Steph’s next outburst, take a look at him heating up like a microwave in the video below!

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