Stephen Curry Pours In 37 Points In Warriors Destruction Of Spurs

by Brandon

The defending NBA champion, Golden State Warriors have looked unbeatable up to this point in the NBA season but many anticipated their matchup against the San Antonio Spurs would be a real test. And for good reason, heading into last nights’ game at Oracle Arena the Spurs were owners of a 38-6 record to go along with the NBA’s best defense. But from the opening possession you got the feeling that the Warriors were motivated to yet again send a message to the entire league. Which is exactly what they did.

Lead by arguably the best player in the league, Stephen Curry, the Warriors jumped out to an early 20-12 lead and while the Spurs managed to cut the lead to six at the end of the first, that would be as close as they would come. As Steph began to instill his will on the game, firing on all cylinders and leaving Spurs coach Gregg Popovich in search of answers to slowing the star down. But to no avail as Curry went off for 37 points on 6/9 from three-point range and 12/20 overall from the field. The wild part was that this was all done in just 28 minutes of play. With the Warriors now standing at 41-4 it is pretty scary how good they really are!

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