Stephen Curry Puts On A Show In The Nation’s Capitol

by Brandon

The defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors were honored by President Obama for all their hard work. Which judging off of his previous knowledge of this meeting along with his good relationship with the President motivated Stephen Curry to give Obama something to talk about this morning. And that came in the form of a dominating 51-point performance on a spectacular 11/16 shooting from beyond the arc. Torching defenders from all over but perhaps the highlight of the night came when Curry hauled in a loose ball, fired away from about 28 feet, hitting nothing but net in the process and proceeded to as President Obama put it “clown around”. But hey when you are draining shots from where Stephen Curry does you should be allowed to whatever you please and if the defenders don’t like it – well tough luck, don’t let him score then. Take a look at the highlights from the shooting clinic Steph put on last night in the video below!

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