Steve Cook, Bradley Martyn, Christian Guzman, & Omar Isuf Collaborate For An Intense Workout

by Brandon

There are many individuals who have YouTube fitness channels but very few have a bigger presence that the channels of Steve Cook, Bradley Martyn, Christian Guzman and Omar Isuf. Which is why when they teamed up for a workout together it created an epic turnout. For fans of the fitness industry it is quite a treat to see a few of their favorite personalities come together for a good old fashioned training session. Very rarely do we see guys of this level pushing each other to get the most out of their workouts which is why when we do it can be extremely motivating.

If these elite athletes can find ways to push each other to new heights than we sure as hell can too. If there is anything you should take from this video it is to get up off your couch and get to work because those gains aren’t going to come out of nowhere.

Check out some of the most popular names in the fitness industry getting together for a intense workout in the video below!

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