Steve Cook Dominates CrossFit And Then Teaches Them A Thing Or Two About Training Arms

by Brandon

Steve Cook is a professional men’s physique competitor who has recently made the decision to try his hand at CrossFit. And while many CrossFitters might doubt that Steve has the athleticism to survive CrossFit training, they will be in for a surprise after seeing Steve go head-to-head with CrossFit games athlete Brook Ence. While Steve admits that he will always be a physique competitor at heart, he also states that “a stronger physique is going to be a better physique every day.” Which is why he has shown an interest in taking up CrossFit, believing that while it might not result in the most proportionate physique, it allows you to develop a strong and athletic physique year round. Take a look at the video below to see Steve and Brook go through a grueling 7-minute CrossFit workout proceeded by a post-workout gunshow to finish their training session!

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