Steve Cook Takes On Fran

by Brandon

With all the various training methods that are around people like to make claims that their training preference is better or more effective than another. As appose to respecting each and every style as well as the work the individuals put in to their training days. Men’s physique competitor Steve Cook is well aware of this, which is why he chose to take on cross fit to prove that bodybuilders can in fact be athletic as well. Taking on Fran, which is a couplet of barbell thrusters and pull-ups. And those who doubt the athleticism of bodybuilders might be quite surprised by how well he completed Fran. So be cautious next time you decide to question a weight lifters athletic ability. However, while Steve was able to complete the challenge he didn’t deny how tough it was and was quick to show his respect for cross fitters hoping that they too would reciprocate that respect. Check out Steve going through Fran in the video below!

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