Steve Cook’s 1,000 Rep Leg Workout

by Brandon

The key to turning around the intensity of which you attack your leg day workouts with is to change the mentality you have toward them. Rather than going into your workouts with a negative outlook, look at your leg day the same way you do every other day at the gym – an opportunity to get yourself that much closer to your goals. Besides how hard can your leg routine really be? It isn’t as if you are pushing yourself through a punishing routine that consists of over 1,000 total repetitions in an hours time. One individual who is doing so is physique competitor Steve Cook. You may be wondering what the hell is wrong with Steve and is it really necessary for him to perform so many repetitions? And to answer those questions Steve is putting in the work that is required to get him the physique he wants, so yes it is necessary for him to do all those reputations. Maybe we should all start attacking our leg workouts with this mentality as it would do away with the chicken leg syndrome affecting lifters all around the globe.

Check out the video below to see Steve Cook go through over 1,000 repetitions for legs!

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