Strict Curls For Building Massive Arms

by Brandon

For some reason it is almost impossible for guys to check their ego at the door and get an effective arm training session in. When it comes to arms guys love to curl as much weight as they can in an effort to out lift the guy next to him. Not to mention the love of showing off in front off all the ladies at the gym. But in order to actually get those arms to grow, it is key to check your ego at the door and practice good form. Which might require you to lower the weight just a tad bit and shift your focus toward getting as good a contraction as possible as well as a good amount of volume. Incorporating all your body into a curl movement is simply not effective, instead of swinging the weights up begin to curl with a strict form and you surely will begin to see and feel the difference. While there is nothing wrong with getting some cheat reps in at the end of a workout, every set definitely shouldn’t be one. Bradley Martyn recently bumped into a dude at the gym who insisted on swinging his weight up and was inspired to put out a video about how you should actually curl. Don’t be one of those stubborn, know it alls, listen to the advice of others and use it to get better each and every day. Listen to why Bradley believes strict curls when done correctly are essential for arm growth in the video below!

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