Super Star Tight End Rob Gronkowski Proves That He Is The Bro Of All Bros

by Brandon

Whether he is in the middle of a crucial football game, getting the crowd wild inside of a Vegas night club or hanging out by the pool, Rob Gronkowski is never afraid to show off his bro side. The Patriots star just landed the cover of GQ and decided it was time to prove once and for all that he is indeed the ultimate bro in a recent video for the magazine. In which Rob participates in GQ’s “Bro Combine”, going through a few activities and answering multiple choice questions to test how much of a bro the Gronk really is. And as you probably assumed, Gronk passed the test with flying colors, solidifying himself as the king of all bros.

Check out the hilarious video below to get a good laugh at Gronk putting all his bro tendencies and traits on full display for us all to see!

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