Superhuman Chest Workout w/ Kali Muscle & Bo The Savant

by Brandon

The intensity Kali Muscle brings to each and every one of his workouts is starting to not be wanted in many corporate gyms located in California. But did you for a second think that would stop Kali? OF course not, he recently found a gym which doesn’t mind the noise level that comes with his intense demeanor. Kali got together with his friend Bo the Savant to get after a ridiculously heavy chest workout. Even making sure to get in a few repetitions to please the so called ‘form police’, who complain about his lifting form. There complaint is that Kali doesn’t go all the way up on his reps but it is pretty apparent they are just a bunch of haters who probably don’t even lift themselves. Check out the video below to get a look at how a beast trains chest!

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