Surfer Fights Off Shark Attack On Live Tv In South Africa

by Brandon

34-year-old Pro surfer Mick Fanning was competing in the final heat of a world tour event at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province when suddenly a looming black fin appeared behind him. Fanning, a three time world champion, was knocked off of his board as he fought off the animal in an attempt to save his life. His mother watching the whole situation unfold was terrified as it brought back memories of her other son who was killed in a car accident 17 years ago, stating “When Sean was killed in the car accident, I didn’t see it. I saw this just in front of me. It was just terrible.” Fortunately, Mick kept his composure throughout the bizarre scenario, broke away from the shark and was able to get to safety without being even slightly injured. Craig Lambinon, a spokesman for the National Sea Rescue Institute in South Africa, told ENCA television news that he believed “it is probably the first time that an incident like this at a surfing competition has been caught on camera.” Check out the remarkable Mick Fanning fight off a shark for his dear life in the video below!

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