Take A Look At Henry Cavill’s Workout For His Role In “Batman vs. Superman”

by Adam Smith


Henry Cavill went through a grueling workout routine to transform his mortal body to play Superman in Man Of Steel and as he gets ready to reprise the superhero in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, we take a look at how that happened. The British actor had a secret weapon called Mark Twight — who trained the crew of 300 — in his transformation, to fit into that newly designed Superman suit the costume designers had created for the revamped version of the classic comic book hero. For Man Of Steel and now Batman vs. Superman, Henry had to go to a completely different place, somewhere he had never been before, but he had a strong partner in Twight, who is a former climber-turned-fitness-trainer to the stars.


Twight says it’s easy to prepare someone for an event, such as a contest or shirtless scene, however, it’s a completely different story to keep someone in shape for months: “On the movie project, we have control of the diet, because if we don’t, then the training doesn’t matter. It’s that simple. If a guy is training with us in the gym five times a week for 2 hours, that leaves 158 hours for him to mess everything up if left to his own devices.” Not an easy proposition, especially for Henry, who is not “ripped” so to speak, or wasn’t before taking on Superman. This movie is going to be great and this video just gets us more excited!


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