Take A Look At Kevin Hart’s Incredible Work-Out Outfit

by Adam Smith


Comedian Kevin Hart might not be the biggest celebrity—physically speaking—but he is a fitness nut. Remember when running outfits were boring? The casual runner used to sport either a pair of worn-in sweats or running shorts, and a ratty, old t-shirt. Nowadays runners look as if they’ve exploded from a bag of Skittles covered in multicolored, neon patterns from head-to-toe (example: Kevin Hart’s neon yellow and blue leotard in this interview with Conan O’Brien).


Even better, though, these new outfits consist of so much Dri-Fit, sweat-wicking and compression technology that it’s almost impossible to not feel like a superhero in one. Therefore, if running for the sake of running doesn’t cut it for you this Monday morning, then perhaps your new running get-up will motivate you to log in a few miles. Comedian Kevin Hart calls it his “highlighter running outfit”. He couldn’t be more accurate.

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