Terry Crews’ A Thousand Miles vs. Mike Tyson’s Push It | Lip Sync Battle

by Brandon

Terry Crews is widely known for his ridiculously sculpted physique, his acting skills, and his incredible ability to entertain an audience. Terry was recently on the hit show ‘Lip Sync Battle” to take on the former undisputed heavyweight of the world, Mike Tyson. And to be honest it was like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Terry took us back to his signature moment in ‘White Chicks” and sang Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles Away” but we have come to expect this from Terry. On the other hand Mike Tyson brought his A game to the stage and performed a fierce version of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It”. It’s pretty funny to see Mike so engaged into his performance breaking out dance moves and the attire to perfectly suit his song of choice. It was a close battle but at the end of the day, the edge has to go to Terry Crews.

Who do you guys think won this epic battle?

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