Terry Crews’ Intense Cobra Back Routine

by Brandon

Terry Crews is one of the most likable people on the planet, his sense of humor and charisma make him someone who people enjoy to watch. And while many of us know him for being an actor, Terry actually started out as a professional athlete. Judging off of his unworldly physique I’m pretty sure you know exactly what sport he played. Terry was in fact a NFL linebacker for a brief period of time and pursued acting as soon as his short lived career came to an end. And while he has been acting for some time know he has still managed to maintain the physique of a beast. If you didn’t know any better and saw him in the street you would imagine he was an NFL starting linebacker.

If you are familiar with Terry then you are well aware of the fact that loves to show off his chest. I mean the guy is in an Old Spice commercial doing nothing else but showing off his machine-gun popping pecs. While those may be his flashiest muscles Terry understands that developing a back to match is just as important. “Everybody focuses on all the push movements, but to really get your back together, you have to focus just as hard on the pull movements.” However achieving a cobra figured looking back is no walk in the ball park and it will not happen in a matter of a few months. But to help you along that process Terry brings us his full cobra back routine and while it won’t be easy it will be effective. Check out the full routine in the video below and begin developing that impressive cobra looking back!

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