“That1LegMonster”, KC Mitchell Deadlifting For Charity!

by Brandon

KC Mitchell was a US Army Airborne sergeant serving time in Afghanistan when his vehicle was suddenly hit by an explosive device which severely injured his left leg. He eventually lost that part of his leg and was medically retired from the Army. But despite his unfortunate injury KC has continued to live an extraordinary life, refusing to let his inures define or place limits on what activities he can or cannot do. Dedicating himself to a life of fitness and providing motivation and a great example for all those who have encountered unfortunate events throughout their lives. Showing them that regardless of how bad the consequences of that event might be you have total control over the life you end up living. Prime example being the video below in which KC or as they call him “that1legmonster” and Marc Lobliner team up to raise money for wounded soldier through deadlifts. You might wonder how that is possible but KC was able to get five companies to sponsor him by donating $1 for every pound that he deadlifted. How much did KC end up raising for Operation Enduring Warrior? Take a look at the video below to find out!

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