The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet

by Adam Smith

Bulk like a sumo. Byambajav Ulambayaryn (Byamba) is a two-time Sumo World Champion who tips the scale at nearly 360 pounds and is just over 6 feet tall. Byamba shows us the secret to shoveling down 10,000 healthy calories in a day. Chankonabe (Chanko for short, or sumo stew) is a staple in a sumo wrestler’s diet.

This dish originated in Japan. The broth of this stew is typically fish-based, and it’s filled with veggies and protein. How can you possibly consume 10,000 calories by eating a healthy stew that’s mostly filled with vegetables, eggs and meat? It’s easy, just eat boatloads of it.

It takes a little bit of getting used to the sliminess of Chanko, but you’ll get over it quickly. Chanko all day everyday. Traditionally, there isn’t a set recipe for Chanko, you just toss in whatever you’ve got laying around. Byamba claims he makes the best Chankonabe in the world, and he’ll show you how he does it in this video.

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