The 5 Best Chin-Up Variations

by Brandon

A hectic work schedule can provide a challenge when trying to improve upon your fitness. Making it difficult to find time to get into the gym and crush a killer truing session, posing the question of what do you do when you can’t get into the gym? How about some old-fashioned chin-ups? They are notorious for being one of the most demanding bodyweight movements, providing an intense challenge regardless of your strength level. Putting a huge emphasis on major muscles in the upper-back such as the lats. Build those guys up and your on your way to a wider torso and impressive looking physique. And the many variations in which you can perform a chin-up allow you to hit and target all the different areas of your back.

Fitness cover model Rob Riches is aware of the multiple benefits the chin-up provides and wants to makes sure that you are as well. Which is why Rob put together the video below in which he details the 5 chin-up variations he believes will provide the best results. So next time you aren’t able to get ingot he gym and are stuck at home give this chin-up routine a try and watch how sore your back will be the next morning. Check out Rob’s full breakdown in the video below!

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