The Anatomy Behind The Calves And Forearms

by Brandon

When it comes to training the upper-body the muscles that get all the love are the biceps, shoulders, back and chest. While the lower-body hardly gets any love at all, the two muscle groups that do occasionally get some affection are the quads and hamstrings. And although they all deserve the attention they garner, there are two areas of the body that are typically ignored.

These two muscles are the calves and the forearms. Why are they so often thrown to the side; most likely because they aren’t the biggest or the showiest muscles. When someone asks you to flex for them, hardly ever will they be asking for you to flex your calves or forearms. Resulting in individuals whether it be consciously or unconsciously placing little to no importance on the development of these muscles. However, just because they aren’t the muscles most people care about doesn’t mean that they don’t play a role in allowing the body to function at full capacity. Whether you believe it or not the calves and forearms not only play an important role in body force and mobility but they also greatly enhance the rest of your physique. Exactly why you should stop ignoring them both.

Check out the video below to see a complete breakdown of why and how you should be training your calves and forearms!

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