The Art Of Getting Superhero Looking Biceps

by Adam Smith

Big arms, I mean shirt stretching, super-hero looking big arms will never go out of style. And, if you ask any guy if he could have one dream body part it’s bigger arms. It’s the one body part that gets you instant respect once people see them – coincidentally, bigger arms is also the one body part the women find most sexy. They say it makes them feel safe when being held – no joke! So time to man up and ditch your eleven-teen inch arms for good!

In the video below, Kali Muscle shares his tricks and tips on how to gain mass in biceps. This time Kali actually has legit advice and this is worth the watch. Don’t forget to share this with your mates that need to start working on them biceps a bit more. Another tip is to train biceps 3-4 times per week. I know what you’re thinking now, that’s overtraining? Wrong, your biceps will get used to it. Start slowly 1x per week for the first week, 2x per week the next two weeks and then gradullay increase it to 3-4x per week.

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