The Bald Experiment: Do Girls Really Care?

by Brandon

As you already probably know, going bald is something that scares the crap out of most men. For your whole life you’ve lived with a full head of hair and then it suddenly starts disappearing. Why is it disappearing? Where is it going? What can I do to get it back? Are all questions that run through a  guys mind when he begins the process of going bald. Which at first can make many extremely insecure and for good reason, you aren’t sure how people would react to your new look. With this in mind the famous Fousey put on an experiment to find out how much do girls actually care when it comes to whether a guy is bald or not. Setting up the experiment by putting together a Tinder profile containing pictures of himself with a full head of hair and then showing up to the dates bald to see how the girls would react. Hopefully this experiment will bring some comfort to those going through the aging process at this moment in time. Check out the video below and see what the ladies in the video had to say!

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