The Best Of The 2014 Mr.Olympia Press Conference

by Brandon

It’s incredibly hard to forget last years Olympia press conference and for good reason. It was a moment that brought the excitement mostly seen in more mainstream sports into the bodybuilding industry. Some argue that it was bad for the sport, while others claim it was good. While those opinions can be debated time and time again, one thing that you can’t argue is the fact that the 2014 press conference will never be forgotten. Will we be seeing the same kind of fire and competitiveness on the eve of the 2015 Mr. Olympia contest? That would come as no surprise, as each year goes on and Phil continues to win, his rivalry with Kai will only become more impassioned. And for that reason we know that every fan in attendance will be on the edge of their seat when they enter this years press conference. Until that time, lets take a look back and relive the best moments of the 2014 Olympia press conference!

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