The Brutal Truth On Getting Rid Of Chest Fat

by Adam Smith

Chris Jones is back to lay the smack down on all you flabby-chested bros out there. A lot of guys will have arms and legs that are looking all cut and vascular, but that fatty tissue in the chest is just too stubborn – so what’s the solution? Well, you can’t spot reduce fat and you shouldn’t even be thinking about getting the fat off your chest until you’ve actually built a chest to begin with. You’ve also got to get your body fat percentage down to the single digits.

It’s rare to see somebody with a single digit body fat % that has fat on their chest. Don’t even bitch and complain about fat in your chest until you’re at 8%, 9% body fat. Check out this quick video  because it’s only a few minutes long, but it’s really got everything that you need to know about getting that fat off of your chest. Like most things, it’s not overly complex – it’s just a matter of working hard and doing it.

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