The Full Anatomy Of The Abdominals And 5 Exercises For Getting Those Six-Pack Abs

by Brandon

Blindly training a certain muscle group will leave you frustrated and agitated by the fact that you haven’t seen the results you were expecting. Which is why you should do your research before jumping into any weight training routine. Especially when it comes to the abdominal area. Since we all want a chiseled mid-section yet a majority do not even know the functions of all the various muscles that make up the abdominal area. How could you possibly properly train a muscle if you aren’t even educated on its purpose and main functions? Don’t feel so bad but before you go gut out 100 crunches I would suggest you take a look at the video below which provides a full breakdown of the anatomy of the abdominal muscles, their main functions, and a list of five effective exercises you can use to help build those six-pack abs!

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