“The Gift” Guest Posing At The 2015 Pittsburgh Pro

by Brandon

Phil “The Gift” Heath is currently in the process of trying to win his fifth consecutive Mr Olympia title and after seeing what he brought to the stage this past weekend there is no doubt that the strive for five will be a successful mission. Phil was at 2015 Pittsburgh Pro hanging at the Gifted Nutrition booth meeting and greeting fans but went a step further and also guest posed to show his appreciation for the fans. The part that boggles your mind is when you try to figure out how the 4x Mr Olympia champion can still find ways to improve his physique. From the 2014 Pittsburgh Pro to the 2015 Pro Phil has continued striving for greatness and you can definitely tell. Which goes to show that Phil is literally in a battle against himself and not the competition. As long as he brings his A game there shouldn’t be too much to worry about on his part!

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