“The Gift” Takes Some Time To Let The Fans In On What He Has Going On

by Brandon

Phil Heath is fresh off of his 5 consecutive Mr. Olympia title and one would imagine that “The Gift” would of taken some time off to regroup from a grueling year. And those people are wrong. It seems as if Phil was back to work instantly after his phenomenal performance at the 2015 Olympia. In search of ways to improve upon the winning physique for the past five years. Exemplifying why Phil is a champion, champions are never satisfied and don’t get caught up in feeling good about their accomplishments. Once they complete one task their mind immediately shifts right to the next objective at hand and for Phil that is the 2016 Olympia. In the video below, Phil takes a break from his late night workout session to talk with the fans for a bit. Check out the video below to see what Phil had to share with Heath Nation!

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