The Harrison Twins And Stephanie Davis Go Through An Intense Shoulder Workout

by Brandon

Once you step foot into the gym your entire focus should be on smashing the workout you have in front of you and nothing else. Those who are busy texting and taking selfies aren’t truly there to build the physique they dream of. They are there to waste time and give others the impression that they in fact do ‘work out’. Adapting to the mindset of the Harrison twins would be the smart thing to do in the case of these individuals, Lewis Harrison says ” As soon as I come into the gym, headphones on don’t speak to me. I’m here to workout out, I’m not here to talk, I’m not here to socialize, I’m here to work my a$s off..” After you hear that it makes perfect sense as to how Lewis and Owen Harrison are two of the top fitness models in all of Europe. Check out these two incredibly hardworking twins accompanied by the wonderful Stephanie Davis as the go through an intense shoulder workout in the video below!

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