The Mamba Strikes Again For 60 Points In Final Game!

by Brandon

As weird as it sounds and is to say, Kobe Bryant is officially retired from the NBA and will no longer be seen sting up in the purple and gold. And it’s safe to say that the league and its fans will sorely miss the mamba and everything he brought to the court night in and night out. Which is why yesterday was a day in which we were able to pay Kobe the respect he has rightfully earned from us all throughout his twenty seasons in the NBA. But before the great Kobe Bryant said his last farewells to the game that he has dedicated his life to, he had one more vintage performance to put on for the fans. Reminding us all of the cold-blooded killer we grew to love instead of the frequently injured warrior we unfortunately came to know over the past three years. It was as if Kobe knew what people were expecting of him in this final game and fed off of it.

Despite his slow start in the first quarter – 0/5 shooting from the field, Kobe quickly picked it up by knocking down five consecutive shots and the rest was history. Once Kobe got his first shot to fall, which happened to be one of the most difficult shots of the night you could tell that he was poised for a big night. As we have see far too many times with Kobe, it only takes one shot to go in for the mamba to get in a rhythm. And get in a rhythm he did, in route to the greatest final game performance in NBA history. Going off for 38 second half points and a total of 60 points, I know it sounds bizarre but then again should we really have expected anything less? There was no Kobier way to go out then how he did last night and it is a moment that will stick with us all for the rest of our lives.

Take a look at the highlights from Kobe’s final game in the video below!

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