The Massive Art Of Mark ‘MeatAxe’ Taylor

by Adam Smith

For many of us bodybuilding fans, the sport could be easily viewed as an art form. Posing, training, you name it, bodybuilding is a creative endeavor from head to toe. You can’t build a proportioned, well built body without a sharp eye for detail and the diligence to continuously work the muscle.

Like traditional art, there is a period of trial and error one must go through until they make all the gains they need to obtain the body they strive for. When it comes to marrying bodybuilding and art for the modern age, there’s definitely no one better than Mark “Meataxe” Taylor. The man is truly talented in more ways than one. Not only is Mark a talented bodybuilder, but the Aussie is also a brilliant artist to boot.

The murals that he creates are nothing short of remarkable and should be considered fine art. Mark uses the nickname, CLAP Meataxe Design and is truly talented. Mark has made the transition from bodybuilder to artist seamlessly and that may be because the two aren’t all that different from one another.

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