The Mom Who Posted Photos During Her Pregnancy And Enraged Many!

by Brandon

Sarah Stage is a 30-year-old model who is known by many to have had the greatest looking body during a pregnancy. But many bashed her for her crazy defined abs, stating that it wasn’t healthy for her baby. Of her current 1.8 million Instagram followers tons had very strong opinions on Sarah’s hard to see baby belly. One follower in particular went as far to say that, “This is horrible, she’s more preoccupiued with looking good than having a healthy baby!” But remarks like those are not even slightly valid, Sarah gained about 20 or so pounds during her pregnancy and according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists women should gain anywhere from 20-40 pounds during pregnancy. Which puts Sarah right in the healthy range. Doctors showed no worries with her toned physique; instead explaining that modified exercise routines and strong muscles are often encouraged to ensure a healthy delivery. Which makes you wonder why people were going crazy over her skinny stomach, when Sarah and her baby ended up being completely healthy. Are women supposed to stop caring about their appearance once they become a mothers? No not at all, if anything they should take better care of themselves because they now having somebody else to care after.

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This is the beautiful Californian model prior to her pregnancy 




After 34 weeks of pregnancy Sarah’s physique hardly changed




And she maintained her skinny frame by eating lean and staying active! 



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