The No Days Off Gym Prank

by Brandon

These next few weeks are the worst time of the year for consistent gym goers because of how packed the gym becomes. And it is all a result of so called new year resolutions that will more likely than not only last a month tops. Individuals claim they are making a change in their lifestyle, when in reality they just want to do what is trendy and nothing is more trendier around this time of the year then becoming a member at your local gym. Leaving those who are truly committed to the fit lifestyle frustrated, extremely annoyed, and in search of gyms where they can actually get in an intense training session. Sometimes being left with no choice but to take their training to unconventional locations. While it might not be their ideal training environment it is the only other choice beside taking a day or two off. Which is not an option for those dedication to achieving those gainz. Such as the dudes at BigDawsTv who couldn’t resist from taking their workouts to the streets, library, and everywhere in between. If finding a new training location is a problem you are currently encountering take a look at BigDawsTV taking the gym with them wherever they go in the video below!

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