The Notorious Conor Mcgregor’s Rise To The Top

by Adam Smith

“I’m a super freak. I’m a specimen of movement.” -Conor McGregor Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight phenom Conor McGregor is certainly getting a lot of attention for a fighter who has just two wins inside the Octagon. Like they say, you can’t teach charisma. A fast talking, proud native of Ireland, Conor McGregor had everything that the UFC needed to establish a top contender . McGregor knows how to stir the pot and is happy to oblige, taking swings at nearly every top contender in the featherweight division

McGregor, who has never been afraid to indulge in a war of words, has made it known that he will not stop until he has conquered the Featherweight division. But what makes the 26 year old so special? What makes him able to skip over established veterans and be treated like a king by the UFC? Because he’s good and he knows he is that good. Unlike many other UFC talent, Conor knows that being an exciting fighter that knows how to sell himself is within the UFC’s best interest, which is also in his best interest to keep the bosses happy. Conor McGregor has gathered many fans and many haters on his rise through the MMA ranks, and soon he will face Jose Aldo for the UFC Lightweight Belt. Will he go all the way?

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