The One Question You Should Never Ask In The Gym

by Adam Smith

Who would’ve thought asking a bro at the gym one simple question to get your ass kicked. Nonetheless, this youtube Prankster, who goes by the name of Speedo Shy (well his real name is Shayan Shayegani, but we like Speedo Shy better) didn’t realize the world of hurt he was about to get into while filming this prank in a local gym in the U.K. As the story goes, asking someone a rather odd question can spur several different emotions in a mans heart. In this case, it ticked almost every single person in this video off and set off the “Lets Kick his Ass” alarm in these guys’ heads.

What would you do if someone asked you this question in the gym: Do you want a piece of me? Some would shrug it off and laugh it off, like most normal people with a certain level of confidence would. Some would even be flattered at the question, perhaps due to their own abilities to make other men want them, or even the fact that someone admires them so much to ask them that question.

On the hand, there are others that wouldn’t take this question as lightly as one would hope. Raging with who knows what kind of hormones and artificial muscle enhancers of sorts, these lads in the video took it rather differently than some would imagine. Hit the Play button and you’ll see what we’re talking!

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